• T.V. Series : Road Cult

    TV Series “Road Cult”
    Ryan Gaw Director of Photography
    Phil Conserva Producer of( Road Cult and CSI)
    Filmed in Austin Texas

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  • RED BULL: On The Loose

    RED BULL Webisodes
    Ryan Gaw Director & D.P.
    “On the Loose”
    Kite Boarding around the globe
    In the first episode of “On the Loose,” we’re introduced to professional kitesurfers Aaron Hadlow and Ruben Lenten. Ruben shows us his home turf on the coast of Holland, before we head to South Africa to meet up with 5X World Champion, Aaron Hadlow

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  • Warrior One

    Film: Warrior One
    Documentary film
    Ryan Gaw Camera Operator
    Filmed in Cusco, Peru
    Adventure therapy for high risk youth documenting travel through Peru

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  • GMG Audi Race Team “Thunder Hill”

    GMG Audi Race Team “Thunder Hill” The Longest Day
    Short Film/Documentary
    Ryan Gaw Director of Photography
    Filmed in Willows, CA, USA
    A race that lasted 25 hrs, 688 laps, the longest day

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  • Rubicon

    Film: Rubicon:
    Titled “The beginning”
    Ryan Gaw Director of Photography
    Filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA & Los Angeles, CA, USA
    A story based on the graphic novel co-created by Chris McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Way of the Gun, Jack Reacher) and Mark Long (Shrapnel, Silence of Our Friends). RUBICON: The Beginning is a gritty new contemporary military-action-thriller franchise that examines the very real shadow world of NCO operatives and clandestine special forces operating inside US territories.

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  • Robinsons Ranch

    Ryan Gaw Director of Photography
    Narrated By : Celebrity Actor Tom Selleck
    A beautiful narration and film on Robinson’s ranch rich with history
    Featuring the Portuguese horse breed “Lusitano”
    Filmed in Idaho against the Grand Tetons

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